Fuel Your Happiness - ft. Jess Stratton

The Stronger Scars Podcast

24-07-2023 • 55 mins

Stronger Scars is back and better than ever! Join us for the newest episode featuring Jess Stratton, former track and cross country runner at the University of Delaware. Jess details the eating disorder that she struggled with, ultimately leading her to bone-related injuries. The two also talk about the slippery slope that can be setting healthy and realistic expectations for one's physical well-being while participating in a sport such as running. Tune in for an authentic conversation that picks up just where we left off on the Stronger Scars channel! Thank you Jess for sharing your story!

Jess's Podcast - https://www.audacy.com/podcast/run-on-thought-13475

Website - https://www.strongerscars.com/
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/strongerscars/?hl=en