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Alpha Blokes is brought to you by a couple of mates who love all things outdoors, sinking tins, cooking up a storm, talking sh!t and having a laugh. Tommy and Cam are coming in hot to promote having a crack and build a community that loves life, deleting Headnoise one laugh at a time. Jump on board and listen to the lads talk to different blokes (and a few non blokes) about their stories. Whether it be starting a new business, overcoming adversity or just a ripper tale that deserves being told.

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Ep. 200 - Can We Get a Hoiiyahh
Ep. 200 - Can We Get a Hoiiyahh
Daddy's home and there's yarning to do. Tommy Gun, Cambodian and Quinntrex absolutely bring the heat and knock the top off some tins to bring you the wildest and longest episode yet for the big double century. To kick things off, we drop next year's hottest 100 winner that we've been holding up our sleeves as a surprise for the trendsetters. Cam takes us through his holiday at Northwest, including cruise control nearly causing a second Titanic. Tom has developed and discovered a new injury only relevant to the podcast industry. Before Cooking with Daddy, each of the team picks some of their favourite moments of the history of the show, including some of the best sayings to come from our adventures. Cooking with Daddy takes a seafood spin before diving in to the hottest topic since Punkin in the Alpha News, the Colorado Yeti. A very deep chat between all three of the boys during motivation before diving in to the Bumper Vs. Dumper debate and finally, eight of the most premium yarns from the most elite characters of the show that result in some proper wheezing moments and Cam confessing his concerning love for Bidets. We only aimed to crack the two hours, but we really let loose and had such a ball together that we kept it going naturally for the full four and a bit hours. We couldn't thank all you legends enough for your support and to say thanks, here's the longest and probably wildest episode of the Alpha Blokes Podcast yet. Enjoy the ride, and here's to the many more milestones to come!Bought to you by Better Beer Zero Carb: Hosted on Acast. See for more information.