Episode 27: Phillip Solakov, Optiv Canada

Secure Networks: Endace Packet Forensics Files

06-09-2021 • 15 mins

Cyber security teams around the globe are embarking on a variety of “modernization” initiatives, as they try to keep up with the dynamic threat landscape, but what are the must-have elements if you are looking to modernize your SOC?

In this episode of the Endace Packet Forensic files I talk with Phillip Solakov, Client Solutions Director for Optiv Canada, who shares his view of what “SOC Modernization” means and what’s driving these efforts.

Phillip explains some of the biggest issues SOC teams are facing and things they are working on to overcome these challenges. He drills into how alert fatigue is compounded with more detection tools, more telemetry and why it is becoming critical for more automation in SOC processes and tools.

Finally, he highlights some things SOC teams are still missing and gives some examples of how these gaps can still be addressed with the right security architecture and mindset.

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