#006 - Longevity, ChatGPT & the World's Healthiest New Megacity

The Healthusiasm Podcast

16-01-2023 • 1 hr 7 mins

In this show, the Healthusiasm panel discusses about:

  1. The influence of the longevity industry on healthcare and society at large
  2. The potential of "The Line" as the world's healthiest new megacity
  3. The impact of ChatGPT on the way we provide health information

On top of that, the panel also briefly touches upon the first microbiome drug, car manufacturer Renault providing health services in the car, the Spotify CEO building a primary care clinic, the Netflix documentary about psychotherapists, telehealth companies sharing sensitive information, new compounds for pain relief, and New Zealand banning cigarettes for life for people born after January 2009.

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