The Healthusiasm Podcast

Christophe Jauquet

The Healthusiasm podcast is a panel discussion on behaviours, innovations and trends in health and self-care hosted by Christophe Jauquet, author of Healthusiasm and a global keynote speaker on health, business & technology.

Every month, Christophe discusses with a panel of experts the positive changes that are shaping the future of our health and happiness.

The Healthusiasm podcast consists of five international experts with different health backgrounds and different Healthusiasms:

  • Christophe Jauquet – Health business expert, keynote speaker, and author of Healthusiasm
  • Aditi Joshi – Medical expert in digital health with a Healthusiasm for the future of the clinical workforce
  • Aline Noizet – Digital health expert with a Healthusiasm for digital start-ups
  • Krupa Suthar – Customer experience and research expert with a Healthusiasm for women’s and youth’s health
  • Mo Zouina – Human experience expert with a Healthusiasm for wellness, care & cosmetics
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#018 Valentine SPECIAL: Love, Sex & Relationships
#018 Valentine SPECIAL: Love, Sex & Relationships
In this Valentine's special, the Healthusiasm panel discusses the impact of Love, Sex & Relationships on our health & well-being. Each Panelist brings a statement to discuss with the rest of the panel.INTRO: the importance of Love & Relationships on our health & well-being. (00:23:42)Having less sex and long-term relationships might solve our climate change problems, but not the way we envisioned it. (00:27:42)New technologies are empowering people to get control over their sexuality. (00:44:40)Doctors are struggling to keep up with the rapidly changing knowledge of sexuality and sexual health. (00:56:31) On top of that, the panel shared the following Healthusiasms (00:01:40)Dopamine Fasting is an impactful digital detoxA new map in Fortnite makes you experience life with Alzheimer's disease. Disney's  ‘HoloTile’  floor creates omnidirectional VR experiences that could be used in rest homesSanofi's "Ready Player Mom" campaign motivates gamers to eat healthier.Ikea's launches smart, adaptable and multifunctional products for daily workouts in small spaces.New Large 'Action' Models, as launched by Rabbit, allow to interact more easily with technology via push-to-talk.LG launches an AI agent robot as an intermediate between people and their smart home as part of their vision  'Zero Labor Home'  Climate Cafés in Chicago are a place to discuss your EcoAnxiety with others and mental health professionals.Synthetic memories are made with AI image generators to help people with Dementia or Alzheimer's to get in touch with their identity again.Subscribe to Healthusiasm newsletter: -- --Book Christophe Jauquet for keynotes: