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Is AI Taking the Human Out of the HR Department?

WSJ’s The Future of Everything

02-02-2024 • 20 mins

Will the human resources department be replaced by robots? Not quite, but the use of generative artificial intelligence in HR is on the rise. WSJ reporter Chip Cutter tells us how companies are incorporating AI tools internally and what might change in the future. Plus, we hear from Reshma Saujani, the founder of Girls Who Code and Moms First, who recently introduced, a free AI-powered chatbot designed to help workers navigate paid family leave benefits. Saujani tells WSJ’s Charlotte Gartenberg about what she sees as the potential risks and benefits of AI in the workplace. What do you think about the show? Let us know on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, or email us:  Further reading:  New York City Passed an AI Hiring Law. So Far, Few Companies Are Following It.  How AI Will Change the Workplace  HR Departments Turn to AI-Enabled Recruiting in Race for Talent  The Do's and Don'ts of Using Generative AI in the Workplace Learn more about your ad choices. Visit