Episode 3 - Diversity in Recruitment with Atta Gyedu

Beyond The CV: A Recruitment Podcast

23-08-2023 • 35 mins

Join us for an enlightening experience as host Tyler Zammit welcomes a trailblazer in the recruitment industry, Atta Gyedu, in the latest episode of Beyond the CV. With a unique perspective and a mission to boost diversity, Atta's presence ignites the conversation of diversity in recruitment.

In this episode, Atta shares his vision of Programme One, a third-sector funded nonprofit organisation, dedicated to opening doors for underrepresented talent. Gain insights into Atta's journey, from his entry into the industry to the inception of Programme One. Uncover the power of mentorship in driving retention and career progression, breaking down barriers in recruitment.

Discover the importance of breaking stereotypes in recruitment, and how Programme One dismantles the perception that qualifications define potential. Atta's dedication to inclusivity echoes as he discusses empowering individuals across various backgrounds, ensuring opportunities abound for all.

Explore the recruitment landscape's hurdles, from competition to communication and continuous growth. Dive into Programme One's strategies, engaging diverse candidates and illuminating their distinctive approach.

Join Tyler Zammit and Atta Gyedu as they peel back the layers of Programme One's journey. Tune in to this episode for a closer look at Atta's vision and the power of mentorship in shaping diverse and successful futures.

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