Usher Strikes Again

Veto's Corner

20-02-2024 • 1 hr 19 mins

In this episode of Veto's Corner, we dive into the whirlwind of celebrity encounters and viral moments that have been making headlines. Kicking off the discussion, we dissect Usher's Super Bowl halftime show antics with Alicia Keys, followed by the controversy surrounding Chris Brown's absence from the celebrity all-star game. Next, emotions run high as Ray Benzino breaks down on the Drink Champs podcast, expressing his frustration over the ongoing Eminem saga. Shifting gears, we explore the unexpected reconciliation between Shannon Sharpe and Mike Epps, as they put their past differences aside. Lastly, we serve up a viral sensation as Rick Ross's girlfriend gains internet fame for her Super Bowl Sunday meal choice. Join us for a captivating episode packed with entertainment news and insightful commentary on Veto's Corner."

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