Formula Indie America 25.11.2023

Formula Indie America

25-11-2023 • 3 hrs 3 mins

71Spiders – Spider Web Blues

Activ8te – All We Do Is Shine (feat. footleg)

Aiida – Stupid Perfect

Alexia Vegas – First Kiss (Your Love)

Amazin Grace – Funk all night

Autogramm – Born Losers

Ava Della Pietra – Talk It Out

Bad Bubble – Laugh Cap

Brandon coke – Cry

Chuck the Show – Don't Make Me Wait

Chucky Trading Co – Tumbleweeds

Clutch Stingray – Alcina

Cory M. Coons – Another Lonely Heart

Deeker - Don't Bring Me Down

Delores Galore – Not The One

Dogboy – Rush

Donn Chii – LIVE IT UP!

Dysplay – Ways to Spend Time

Ed Harvest – Cool cat

ET Reed – Directions

EVALINA – I Threw A Party (Excuses)

Evil Sweet – Queen Victoria

Giovanni Niubo – DEAD INSIDE

Gramercy Arms – Fucked Up and Beautiful

Grooblen – Twiggy Molts

GROWERS – 17 Cigarettes

Hani Abadi – Dementia

Harmony Dreamers – Spinning Round the Sun

High Luxe – Radioma-DJVerd

Hutty – Diggin in the Mud

itsENJ (The Dappa Duo) – On God

Jane Bell – REM

Lili Joy – DWYCT

LorenzoTheGawd – Handprints

Love Juliet - Alter Ego

Maybe Human – The Atrocity of Modernity

Melotheory – Breathe

Michael Lyon – Love

Mikol Frachey – Cowgirl Dance

Million Dollar Cowboy – Reverse Cowboy

Muhammad $mith – Bad Guy

Muzzy Hooks – Honey Wine Pt II

Sadie Fine – Friends With Benefits

Season Ten – Twelve/Eight


SV – Down to Zero

Tattered Sons – That Shine

The Campbell Apartment – When I Fall

The Hasbros – Conspiracy Theory

Thirsty Curses – I Can't Keep Up (Honky Tonk)

Touch the Buffalo – In Six Heads About It

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