Formula Indie America 21.8.2023

Formula Indie America

21-08-2023 • 2 hrs 8 mins

Activ8te – I Am Tracking You

AIRBEAR- Tattoo in My Brain

Anji Kaizen – Decode

Azileli - In This House

Brand Slogan – Lip Service

Checker Bloom – Seems So Strange

CorRnBreD – Parachute

Dream Tonic – Carry Me

Dylan Keith – Ten White Eyes

Elektric Animals – Constant Static Noise

Eliza Mary Doyle - 7 Dude Ranch

Faerie - virgo sun

Fake-Bit Rebel – Runaways (Feat. Damn the Architect)

Giovanni Niubo – DayDream

Groundstate – Floating Away

Hadnot Creek - I Must Confess

HEFE – Denali

J4SIN – Euphoria

Jane Leo – Tell me (I’m on Your Mind)

Jerusha – Monopoly

Jody Vucas – Never Lie

Kiing Lair – Nancy Was Wrong


Kortnee Simmons – Vibes

Movie Club – Requiem/Spinner

Neo Tha Realest – All Silver Jewelry

NOVAK – You Don't Love Me No More And I Can Tell

Ocean London – Aura

Ola Beto – Restless (feat. Reiz the RAW M.C.)

Paige Keiner – Crying in the Drive-Thru

Papa Satch – Tell Me In A Whisper

Parasoul – I Feel Good

Paul Oneto – Equinox

Rebecka Larsdotter – Turn your back

Red Bird – Live It All

Roni Jean – Blind

Sabet and Doherty – The Secret

Selfish Bodies – Bambi Legs

Selfish Bodies- Hideous

Shannon Hawley – Walk Each Other Home

Sugar Nova – I Wouldn't Worry

The Active Set – In Between Lovers

The Alpines – Maybe

The Kantors – Inside Joke

Unarmed – Perfect Summer

Vidpoet – Lacrosse Hosse

Waves Crashing – Life on Display

Wild Fire – Just Friends