Formula Indie America 9.9.2023

Formula Indie America

09-09-2023 • 2 hrs 54 mins

Akaleshnus – Drugs Riddim

Andy Fox – Beautifully Idle

Balaciaga – Intuition

Bank Heist – Everytime

Bitter Machine – At the Seams

Callie Hines – The Storm

Carter Ray – Forever, Plus One

Chas Tackett – Closer to Love

Cody James – Sacrificing Dreams

Damn Stargazers – Bask

Danitza – at least for the time

DEANO – Harley Motor Bike


Dogboy – That's What We Wanted

E.R.I.E. - World is on Fire

Esthy – how dare you come back

G.Pari$ - See me

Glow Motive – Show Me You're Here

Hare Hunter Field - George Segal

Hifidriveby – The Old Ways

Howdy Cherry – Cool

JBoat The Rapper – Where it all stars

Josh Tepper – Built Me (duet version)


Mariana Masetto – Yendo

Max Edwards – I Love You

Maybe Human – The Deviant Landlord

Mick Connell – Innocent

Murphy Smith – Pal

Naga Brujo – Sick Sad World

Osasioo – Home

Paytra – Fire Fighter


Rae Solomon – These Days

Rico Loma – HEY

Roberto López - Sonera (tu amor)

Sad Girls Aquatics Club – Beyond the Blue

Sail Cassady – Hiding In Vancouver

Sainte-Croix – Unisexe

Saves the Witch – It's Dangerous to go Alone, Take Me

Selena Vaughn – Helios

Soulish – Symbiotic

SV – Chill N' Vibe

T3agray – Y do U

The Loud Bangs – Electroprize

The Moths TX – Mr. Easy

The One Tonic – We Can't Fail

The Reveal – Shadows Dancin

Yify Zhang – Wild Cage

Yung City – HOPELESS (Feat. Global Dan)