Formula Indie America 15.9.2023

Formula Indie America

15-09-2023 • 2 hrs 57 mins

A.R.B. - Magin In You

Angela Sclafani - I'm In My Old Room

Asha – Kiss Me Tender

Chris Goodwin Band – Shot of Jack Daniels

Chucky Trading Co – Sleepwalking Through History

Chughey – SMILE

Cielo Pordomingo – Simple

CrazyJ36 – Honchoshi Plagal Form

D.WHITE – Mammon


Erica Brighthill – Bodies In the Basement

Erica Brighthill – Girls Don't Need A Guy To Dance

Erica Brighthill – Still Small Voice

Floppy – Life is pretty (when you're happy)

Harlow Road – Clock Hands

Jackson Harden - Dakota Blue Moon

JehiahSax – Gangster of Love

Jimmy Valentime – Trump Is Still Trash

John Keenan – All those Games

Jxke – fiftyone

Kelia – butterflies

Kelsie Kimberlin – Rooting For My Baby

Korey Nasa – Toxic Luv

Larissa Rook – exit

Laughing In Slow Motion – CABIN FEVER

Layan Jishi – Moment

Littleuniverses – Magic

Liv-id – Big Tech

Manners – Robbery

Mat Vanstone – Fiji

Miles Away – Next to You (with Mercedes Arn-Horn)

Naia Lika – Gas Station Bouquet

Naomi Cheyanne – Waiting

nasir mf. - romantic fury

Nicole Saphos Band – Keepin' Eyes

Nicole Saphos Band – More

Oh Geeez – Welcome To Gravesfield

Piccoloblack – Find A Way

Poster Boy – Brand New Scar

Rhineland – Halifax

Rio Thomas - I don't deserve this

Silvermouse – Tripgnosis

SØ – IDK How It Happened

Species Traitor – Beast of its own control

Steven Keene – Wicked Messenger

Swim Fan – Cruise

The Daytime High – Waterfall

The Northern Light – As Stars Burn

Volsi – Flight Back

Waves Crashing – Life on Display

Willdabeast – A+ Mentality

Wrené – Deflect, Dissolve

Zephan. - REMEDY

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