Sing Like A Bird | Group Chat News Ep. 799

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28-08-2023 • 1 hr 33 mins

Tonight, Drama, Dee, and Anand discuss a diverse array of intriguing topics. They delve into the complexities of $NVDA, exploring its significance beyond a closed loop. Samantha LaDuc's insights on X shed light on this matter. Shifting gears, they examine Instacart's bold move with a US IPO, dissecting Techmeme's analysis on X. Addressing security concerns, they dissect a retailer's warning about in-store crime via TheStreet. The trio also contemplates TikTok trends dominating back-to-college shopping and a mystery company's ambitious $800M land purchase for a new California city, as reported by Business Insider. They venture into the Silicon Valley elite's city-building aspirations. Lastly, they uncover the opulence of America's priciest ZIP code and provide surprising exercise recommendations from an expert. Tune in for a thought-provoking discussion!

- Written by ChatGPT

Timeline of What Was Discussed:

  • Does Drama believe he can actually beat Jake Paul? (0:00)

  • It REALLY does matter geographically where you grow up, where you go to college, and where you end up working. (5:00)

  • Series B energy. (28:04)

  • Everything’s fake. (33:35)

  • Instacart’s BIG win. (40:57)

  • “I think I should go steal today.” (45:11)

  • TikTok Rush Week. (55:40)

  • Vivek knows how to play the crowd. (1:02:45)

  • Silicon Valley’s elite's city-building aspirations. (1:06:09)

  • The most expensive zip code in America. (1:16:37)

  • How much exercise should you be doing a day? (1:22:44)

  • Group Chat Shout Outs. (1:28:55)

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