Remote Access Scams: The "helpful" hijackers hiding in plain sight…

Anatomy of a Scam

12-12-2022 • 26 mins

We’ve all had a problem solved on the end of a tech support line.

So when Vicki receives a call claiming to be from one of the biggest companies in the world, of course she hands over control of her phone.

This ‘help’, however, turns out to be a hijacking.

But it doesn't have to play out like this. There are ways to flip the script - to scam the scammers - and even to entertain millions while you do it….

Anatomy of a Scam is hosted by Deborah Knight and features:

  • Vicki Smith

  • James Roberts - General Manager of Group Fraud Management Services at CommBank

  • David Lacey - Managing Director, IDCARE

  • Assistant Commissioner Chris Goldsmid - AFP Cyber Operations Commander

  • Kitboga

Anatomy of a Scam is made in collaboration with CommBank. Stay CommBank Safe with services that help protect you from scams and fraud 24/7. Remember 3 simple steps: Stop. Check. Reject.

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