Preparing Our Home for Our First Foster Child

Fostering Together

05-07-2024 • 22 mins

Welcome back to the Fostering Together podcast! In today's episode, we dive into the exciting yet challenging process of preparing our home for our very first foster child. Whether you're a seasoned foster parent or just considering opening your home, this episode is packed with insights and practical tips to help you feel ready for any situation.

Join Tracy and me as we recount our journey from getting approved to welcoming our first placement. We discuss the emotional rollercoaster of waiting for a placement, the logistics of setting up a child-friendly environment, and the importance of having a well-stocked toy room. Tracy shares her expertise in creating a gender-neutral space and the essential items every foster home should have on hand. Stay tuned to hear about our experiences, the ups and downs, and the heartwarming moments that make fostering such a rewarding experience.

Timeline Summary:

- [00:00] - Introduction to the episode and the topic of preparing for a foster child.
- [00:40] - Tracy and Brendan discuss the break between episodes and getting back to routine.
- [01:08] - The early stages of preparing for fostering and Tracy's pre-approval preparations.
- [02:22] - Deciding on the age range for fostering and initial steps taken post-approval.
- [04:15] - The emotional complexity of waiting for a placement and the anticipation involved.
- [06:54] - Setting up a gender-neutral room with Australian animal prints and essential furniture.
- [10:46] - The importance of having a dedicated playroom and how it helps new placements settle in.
- [11:47] - Our first bath time with the foster children and learning from our experiences.
- [13:26] - Preparing for a newborn foster child and the essential items needed for their care.
- [17:43] - Discovering the baby prep bottle machine and its life-changing convenience.
- [20:48] - The value of community support, charity stores, and marketplace for last-minute needs.
- [21:24] - Final thoughts on being prepared and the continuous learning process in fostering.

Links & Resources:

- [Kmart Australia]( - For affordable prints and home décor.
- Marketplace - A great place to find second-hand furniture and baby items.
- Local charity stores - For books, toys, and other essentials at low cost.

Closing Remarks:

Thank you for joining us on this episode of the Fostering Together podcast. We hope our experiences and tips help you feel more prepared and confident in your fostering journey. If you enjoyed this episode, please rate, follow, share, and review our podcast. Your support helps us reach more people interested in fostering and building a supportive community. Until next time, take care, and remember, there's always someone out there willing to help.