Gogo Bethke - The cold-hard truth on how to grow your real estate business on social media

Top Agent

10-06-2021 • 53 mins

Gogo Bethke earned the nickname "The social media Queen", and for good reason. She’s sold over $75M in real estate,  has over 70k followers on social media, she’s frequently asked to present at various real estate events, and Gogo has a Team of over 600 agents worldwide, where she’s committed to improving their business through the power of social media.

Gogo moved to the US from Romania in 2003 to build her American dream. She came to the US not knowing any English with only $6 in her name. A few years later she got into real estate with no experience, no training, and no sphere of influence. She had nothing except for Facebook. And that’s where her real estate career took off.

This episode is full of the cold-hard facts about how to grow your following, influence, and of course, your business, on social media!