JH99: The Rights of Special Needs Homeschool Families with Faith Berens

Joyfully Homeschooling

03-04-2020 • 52 mins

As you may know, podcasting takes a lot of time. I typically mass record 3 months’ worth of episodes in one month. This gives time for editing, show notes to be written, and for me to record introductions beforehand and solo episodes. Therefore, this episode will of course not address the current COVID19 pandemic. It may also reference homeschool conventions or other events that are now closed. I apologize in advance, however, the content and advice given in the episode is something we can all learn from regardless of the time it was recorded.

Today we are chatting with Faith Berens from Homeschool Legal Defense. We are going to be tackling the topic of special needs and homeschooling. In particular, we talk about our rights as special needs parents. I share in this episode some of our experiences with needing to use HSLDA in regard to obtaining my son’s special needs services. But, this episode is about more than just HSLDA and special needs. Faith has a true passion to help and encourage homeschool parents, and she shares her heart with me and you in this episode.

Show notes: https://www.findingjoyinthejourney.net/special-needs/