Francis Vace

Brony Music History Podcast

25-01-2022 • 1 hr 31 mins

Todays guest is another fellow aussie whose been cooking up delicious tracks for the fandom since January of 2013. His music spans the whole spectrum of emotions from comedic, fun and bouncy vibes to some of the most heartfelt and gut wrenching lyricism and tone you’ll hear around, all while giving a new spin on the canon of the show and its community. He’s perfomed solo, been part of bands and done Live PA sets at conventions over the years, and released many tracks on Ponies @ Dawn with both Australian and international collaborators. He’s a gun on his guitar, he’s made me bawl my eyes out at every convention I’ve seen him perform at and he has the spiffiest beard in the fandom, and his name is Francis Vace!

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Vaceslav-Smile, Damn It

Vaceslav/The L-Train/FritzyBeat/Evdog/CheraxDestructor/Itchigotchi/EnsionD-Friendship Through The Ages

Francis Vace-Oats

Koa-Background Pt.2 (Francis Vace Remix)

Jyc Row and Francis Vace-Celestial Beserkers ft Ibeconcept

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This podcast is recorded on the traditional lands of the Darug and Guringai peoples, where blue gums have towered over the landscape since time immemorial. Always was, always will be Aboriginal land