The Winning Move Podcast

Stratton Brown

Entrepreneurship has been made out to an easy way to make money. In my experience some aspects of business are easy, but a lot of issues are hard to figure and deal with! But that is where the money is made! I will interview successful businesspeople and entrepreneurs and find out how they got to where they are and what they are doing to keep growing. This podcast is not a highlight real for our guests, we want to know their toughest challenges and how they overcame them! There is too much flash on social media, people on showing their wins and never talking about their loses or hard times. That isn’t realistic in entrepreneurship! We want to show you what it really means to be an entrepreneur, the good the bad the ugly. How do good entrepreneurs handle their family life? How do they run their day? How do they deal with failure? These are the questions we want answered by amazing businesspeople. read less