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How CSR can take an international group to a higher level ? - Jacqueline Himsworth et Michel Denis

Manitou Group, le podcast qui nous élève

20-09-2019 • 11 mins

Apart from good intentions, what motivates the directors of listed companies to consider their impact on humanity and the environment?

To find out, we journeyed to the heartland of Manitou Group, a multinational whose handling, lifting and earthmoving solutions, machinery for lifting heavy loads, are used daily on farms and construction sites, supporting the work of thousands of people all over the world.

Aware of their impact on the world, on women, men and the environment, Manitou was quick to understand that corporate social responsibility – CSR: the combination of economic performance with social responsibility – equated to supporting innovation and taking their clients and partners to a higher level. Above all it is a journey that we’ll be taking together over the course of these five podcasts. We’ll see how everyone can all make progress, reinvent themselves professionally, take steps towards innovation and have a positive impact on their own context.

In this first episode, we hear from Jacqueline Himsworth, Chairperson of the Board of Directors, and also from Michel Denis, President and CEO of the group.

Let’s take a trip to Ancenis, near Nantes, home of Manitou.

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