Overcoming Fear with Courage and Conviction - CHRISTIAN MOTIVATION PODCAST - BIBLE PODCAST 2023

Christian Motivation Podcast

31-07-2023 • 17 mins

Listen up, warriors! We all have a Goliath inside us - that towering fear, that colossal doubt that makes us feel small. But let me tell you something: you've got a slingshot, and it's high time to whip that thing out. We're not here to play small; we're here to slay giants!

The battlefield of the mind is where this Goliath gets its power. It feeds off your insecurities, and it wants you to believe that you can’t overcome. But remember, even the giant Goliath was defeated by a young shepherd named David. Not with a sword, not with an army, but with faith and a small stone. Yeah, you heard that right. A small stone that had the power of belief behind it.

The Almighty didn't put you on this Earth to be shackled by fear. He gave you a spirit of power, love, and self-discipline (2 Timothy 1:7). You have to understand that your battle isn’t against flesh and blood. It’s against the forces that want to see you defeated.

Now, let's talk about that slingshot - your faith and willpower. Let’s bring in a real-world example - Walt Disney, a man who knew about facing giants. Rejected, fired, and told he lacked imagination, but did he let that stop him? Heck no! He kept that relentless spirit, that unwavering faith in his dreams, and he built an empire that even today lights up the faces of children and adults alike.

So, what's your stone? What’s that small thing in your hand that can bring down your fears? Is it faith? A dream? A talent? You have to dig deep, warriors. Pick up that stone, and start slinging. When you face that Goliath inside of you, don't you dare back down. The God of the universe is with you. You're not just a conqueror; you are more than a conqueror through Him who loves you (Romans 8:37).

Get up! Stand firm! Face your Goliath! Today is the day you start taking back what belongs to you.