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Greg Laurie delivers compelling, practical insights on faith, culture, and current events—with an emphasis on the saving power of the gospel message. He is the founding pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship, main speaker of the Harvest Crusades, and host of the daily program, A New Beginning. For over 40 years, Pastor Greg and Harvest Ministries have been committed to knowing God and making Him known. Learn more at

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How to Be Happy | Sunday Message
How to Be Happy | Sunday Message
Some people look for happiness in relationships, money, or shopping. Where do you look? Hint: If it's not to God, that's the wrong place! Pastor Greg Laurie reminds us that true happiness can only be found in a relationship with our Creator. Notes: "God cannot give us happiness and peace apart from Himself because it's not there." —C. S. Lewis Happiness comes from who you know, not what you have. "...Joyful indeed are those whose God is the Lord" —Psalm 144:15 The Christian faith is a happy faith.  God wants you to be happy, contrary to popular belief.  Angels brought good news that brings joy (Luke 2:10). God Himself is happy. Christians will still face tragedy. God's definition of happiness is different than ours. Biblical world-view: The Bible should change the way you see things. Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:1). Jesus gave it to His disciples, not the multitudes; only Christians can live by this sermon.  First 4 beatitudes deal with our relationship with God, the other 4 deal with our relationships with others.  Blessed = happy. Read Matthew 5:2–9. Point #1: God wants you to be blessed and happy. Point #2: Happy people are humble people. Point #3: Happy people are "unhappy people." Point #4: A happy person will be a meek person. Point #5: A happy person passionately desires a righteous life. The only way to be a happy person is to know God. Not by chasing happiness, but by knowing God. --- Learn more about Greg Laurie and Harvest Ministries at This podcast is supported by the generosity of our Harvest Partners.Support the show: for privacy information.
God Keeps His Promises | Sunday Message
God Keeps His Promises | Sunday Message
Have you ever made a promise you couldn't keep? Unlike us, God is completely faithful. We can always trust Him to fulfill what He's promised. Pastor Greg Laurie talks more about this in an insightful Bible study. Notes: Genesis 6 God promises the forgiveness of our sins. 1 John 1:9 God promises a new life in Christ if we believe in Him. 2 Corinthians 5:17 God promises He will be with us and comfort us in our hard times. Isaiah 43:2 God promises He will complete the work He has begun in you. Philippians 1:6 God promises peace when we pray instead of worry. Philippians 4:6 God promises to provide for our needs. Matthew 6:31–33 The Bible promises that Jesus Christ will come again. John 14:3 Jesus is coming back again! There are over 1,500 passages in Scripture that deal with Christ’s return. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. God is in control. And we win in the end! (Build) Jesus told us our last days would be just like Noah’s time. Matthew 24:37–44 Noah walked with God when no else did. “Shall two walk together, except they have agreed?” Amos 3:3 To walk with God means that I am in agreement with Him. Early is on time, on time is late, and late is never acceptable. To walk with God is to get in-sync with Him and move when He moves. To walk with God is to have the same goal, purpose, and desires. Noah was a witness for God. 2 Peter 2:5 Noah worked for God. The Ark was built by amateurs; the Titanic was built by professionals. God not only remembered Noah, but Noah remembered God. Coming out of the Ark, Noah offers a sacrifice to the Lord. Genesis 8:20 Noah had his priorities straight! Saying grace over a meal. Faithful giving of your finances. Not skipping church. Scripture reminds us to remember God. Ecclesiastes 12:1 Read: Genesis 9:20–29 Noah’s fall teaches us that anyone can fall into sin. Moses sinned by striking the rock instead of speaking to it. David sinned with Bathsheba. Solomon sinned with the pursuit of pleasure. Our goal as Christians, therefore, should be to not just start this race, but also finish well, too! Noah’s fall teaches us about the destructive power of alcohol. Genesis 9:21 Noah’s life stands as a warning to every person who follows Jesus! If we see some Christian fall into sin, what should we do? Galatians 6:1 Our goal is always to restore, not destroy. James 5:19–20 God keeps His promises! God never forgets about us! Never lower your guard or rest on your laurels, spiritually. If someone has fallen into sin, our goal should always be to restore. --- Learn more about Greg Laurie and Harvest Ministries at This podcast is supported by the generosity of our Harvest Partners.Support the show: for privacy information.