LAUGE | Oceanography (In Motion Edit)

Ultimae Soundcloud Channel

04-07-2022 • 7 mins

Request license for this Track.Ultimae proudly presents "ISOLATED", a various artists compilation selected by Danish DJ Christian Samsara with a definite ambient and cinematic downtempo spirit. The 10-track story presents exquisite tracks by Christian Samsara, Martin Nonstatic, AES Dana, Erot, Lauge, Claudio PRC, SONMI451, MIKTEK and newcomer to our realm, ASC. It reveals remarkable nuance and depth of field, fuses intricate rhythmic patterns and atmospheric elements with evocative melodies conveying a gentle mesmerizing power. A feeling of wandering and softened yearning fills the air; isolation, according to Christian Samsara, heightens our senses and brings up a deeper resonance with music and nature. Written and produced by James Clements, Tore Kofod Hyldahl, Vincent Villuis, Claudio Porceddu, Martin Van Rossum, Mihalis Aikaterinis, Henrik Laugesen, Christian Borgmann and Bernard Zwijzen. Artwork by Christian Samsara & Vincent Villuis Mastering by Vincent Villuis | Ultimae Studios C&P 2022 Ultimae