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#108 Stories of Fear - Maiya Kathrine
#108 Stories of Fear - Maiya Kathrine
In this episode, Kibwe Cooper and Maiya Katherine author, certified life coach, and trauma recovery, expert. discuss fear. They discuss the different types of fear and how they can impact a person's life. Maiya discusses how to overcome fear by identifying the type of fear that a person is dealing with and by addressing it accordingly. Kibwe Cooper and Maiya discuss how to be more grateful for the good things in a person's life, which has helped them to heal from their past.  Find Maiya on IG & Facebook  Visit https://www.authormaiyakatherine.com/connect to schedule your free 30-minute consultation.       [00:00 - 09:26] How to Overcome Fear and Heal Your Inner Demons • The author, Maiya Katherine, is a certified life coach and trauma recovery, expert. • She discusses overcoming fear in her book, "An Apology to My Demons." • Fear is often used to belittle or minimize people, and Maiya Katherine defines it as beliefs that scare us.   [09:26 - 18:02] Fear is a natural thing to protect us, but it comes from a place of hurt or abuse • Fear is a natural protective instinct that helps us avoid danger. • Fear can come from traumatic experiences, but it is also a common response to difficult emotions that are not yet understood or processed. • Self-reflection is key to understanding and managing fear, as it allows us to identify our triggers and understand the reasons behind our feelings.   [18:02 - 26:20] Signs You're Living Out of Fear • Yes. Fear can affect us on a daily basis, but it's not until we're faced with something big that we start to see the full picture of how it's affecting our lives. • Signs that you may be living out of fear include that fear is steadily growing and growing, and that all your questions are going to be extraordinary.   [26:21 - 34:48] How to Overcome Trauma and Inner Demons • The main indicators for whether someone is operating out of fear are if they feel joyless or safe in their life. • For those who are struggling with fear, it can be difficult to figure out where the demons are hiding. • There are ways to approach overcoming fear without opening the floodgates, such as being there for oneself.   [34:48 - 43:32] How to Overcome the Toughest Demons in Life • How self-reflection is important for identifying and overcoming inner demons in areas of life. • Self-reflection includes asking questions such as "Do you believe life is for you?" and "Do you believe you are good and deserving of good things?" • If a person does not have a belief that life is for them, they will struggle to create positive outcomes in their lives. • To overcome inner demons, a person must first have a belief that they are good and deserving of good things. This can be attained through self-reflection and reflection on past experiences.   [43:32 - 51:50] Fixing things in myself that I Didn't Break, I'm Gonna Get Emotional. That Was The Biggest One Because You Know Especially when You've experienced Sexual Trauma As A Kid Nobody Coming To Save You It Was You Know Taking Responsibility To Fix Something you never broke. • The author talks about how she has always been a writer, and how it has been a way to cope with her personal trauma. • She talks about how her childhood trauma led to her developing an inner demon, which made her feel alone and abandoned. • She talks about how she eventually learned to be self-sufficient and release that inner demon by doing things on her own. • The author talks about how her experiences have shaped the way she thinks and behaves, and how she is grateful for the lessons she has learned.   [51:50 - 00:30] How to be empowered: Start by healing yourself • The author recommends taking 10 minutes every day to be alone and to reflect on what is healing for them. • She also recommends that people be open to messages from the universe and that healing is an essential part of empowerment.   [00:30 - 09:07] Gratitude is the Key to Attracting What You Deserve • Maiya Katherine discusses her personal philosophy on who you are and how to be who you want to be. • She emphasizes the importance of making choices based on your own desires, not based on external factors. • She discusses the power of gratitude and how it can help you attract what you desire in life. • She provides a thought exercise for individuals to practice gratitude.   [09:07 - 17:50] Drill Down Gratitude Can Bring You Joy • Maiya Katherine shares how gratitude can help to bring us joy and alignment with our goals • She encourages listeners to start doing "drill down gratitude" exercises to increase their happiness and well-being • Thank you for listening!   [17:52 - 18:15] Empower You Podcast: How to Listen and Respond Effectively • Thanks for tuning in to the empowering you podcast. • Don't forget to rate and review this episode, as it helps us reach more listeners just like you. • You can find the podcast on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.