yes, and? - Ariana Grande

1001 Songs That Make You Want To Die

31-03-2024 • 37 mins

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In the stillness of the night, as the shadows danced upon the walls, Ariana awoke to a chilling sensation creeping over her chest. A mutated mouth, grotesque and pulsating with sickly veins, had emerged upon her flesh, its lips quivering as if eager to speak. Paralyzed with fear, Ariana watched in horror as the twisted maw parted, emitting a raspy whisper that seemed to echo from the abyss. "Greetings, friend," it croaked, its voice a sinister imitation of human speech. "I've been yearning for your presence. I desire to be your closest confidant."

Terror seized Ariana's heart as she recoiled from the abomination before her. Yet, no matter how far she fled, the mutated mouth remained, its words haunting her every thought. It spoke of unimaginable terrors, of unholy alliances forged in the darkness, and of a bond that could never be severed. Despite her frantic attempts to silence it, the mouth persisted, its insidious whispers driving Ariana to the brink of madness. And as the boundaries between reality and nightmare blurred, she realized with growing dread that her newfound companion would never release her from its suffocating grasp.

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DUBBY is declaring WAR on big Energy! Use the promo code "1001songs" at checkout for 10% off!

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