4: How To Use Storytelling in Your Emails with Jess From Frisch Copy

All Mats Taken - A Yoga Teachers Business and Lifestyle Podcast

03-06-2024 • 47 mins

Jess from Frisch Copy to chat with us today about how to use storytelling in your emails to build trust and connection with your audience. Jess is a copywriter, storyteller, yoga teacher, and nature nerd who believes in the power of connection in all areas of her life. And when it comes to creating that connection to grow both her biz and those of her clients, she does so with engaging, story-driven emails.

Writing can seem scary at first, but Jess works to empower ethically-minded entrepreneurs to start telling their stories, helping them realize they all have valuable, meaningful moments in their life that are perfect for emails, no matter how normal or “boring” they may initially seem (because really, those are the best ones).

I met Jess through this year’s All Mats Taken Summit in the Facebook group. She introduced herself and as copywriters are a website designer's best friend I was instantly like, let’s connect! So we got talking and I knew I had to introduce her to you because she is an incredibly valuable person to have in our community.


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