Talking Tech 19th December 2023

Talking Tech - Vision Australia Radio

19-12-2023 • 14 mins

New Telescopic Cane is Now Available from the Vision Store

Ok, so not tech exactly, but this telescopic cane is excellent, light weight, easy to extend/retract, and just feels really really nice in the hand.

Sight Tech Global 2023

Held on Dec 6-7, an online 2 day conference about the trends in tech for blind/low vision, and of course this year, mainly all about AI.

Hable One Custom Keyboard for iOS/Android Now has an Android App as Well

Glad to see the Android app being released, makes updating the keyboard that much easier without having to find a person with an iPhone.

iOS 17.2

iOS 17.2 Is Out with the Journal app.

Simple to use and handy app for keeping track of your mental well being.

Speaking of Updates, Mac OS 14.2

Apparently goes a long long way to fixing the “not responding” bug with VoiceOver when using Safari. Fingers crossed.

Looking Forward to  Object Recognition/Scene detection Improvements for 2024

Myself and a friend spent some time last week comparing a few object recognition apps for taking photos of what was around us on both iPhone and Android.

Our unofficial take was about 85% accuracy, so still a way to go before I would be comfortable depending on this tech 100%.

Odd Thought to Almost Mark the End of 2023

The 3.5mm head phone jack has been gone for a while on smart phones including the iPhone, I’m wondering if we will soon see the end of this port on notebook computers.

For me using AirPods, they just switch from the iPhone to the Mac depending on which one I’m using.

A Shout Out for Top Tech TipBits

A great source for news about technology that affects folks with a disability, mainly aimed ad blind/low vision, I use this all the time.

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