Talking Tech 2nd January 2024

Talking Tech - Vision Australia Radio

02-01-2024 • 15 mins

Things that caught my Attention in 2023 and looking Ahead in to 2024



Monarch (preview).

Sinceplayer OCR ET.

Brailliant BIX 20 or 40 software update that includes speech output with Daisy book reading.

Victor Reader stream 3.

iPhone 15 Pro (Actions button).

Things to look forward to in 2024

Finally release hopefully of the Mountbatten Tutor from Quantum.: a couple of years overdue.

Accessible cheaper basic feature mobile phones.

DotPad comes through Quantum.

Monarch perhaps at the end of the year from Humanware.

Advances in Obstacle identification, and Obstacle Detection on smart phones.

Advances in taking photos and videos with AI assistance.

Advancements in Satellite communication with mobile phones: text, phone calls.

Alexa, Google, and Siri accessing LLM’s.

Better wearable obstacle detection devices.

Wider variety of accessible Console games.

Finally hands on with the Vision Pro.

All of the usual upgrade stuff from Apple, plus updates to USBC for the AirPods Max, Magic Keyboard, trackpad and mouse.

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