Talking Tech 6th February 2024

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06-02-2024 • 15 mins

Talking Tech for Feb 6 2024

Product Minute - SensePlayer OCR

60 seconds for me to talk about some great VA Store stuff that I personally use.

First cab off the rank is the SensePlayer OcR.

Why I love it: FM Radio, Smart Keyboard to iPhone, Ability to Run Android Apps, and further development easily achievable.

New Spot Where You Can Access Talking Tech From

Last three episodes of talking tech now available on main shop Vision Australia webpage.

Review of the ATIA 2024 Conference from the Blind Life

Excellent run down of major product suppliers.

Apple technical specifications for the Vision Pro

Remember, not available in Australia yet smile. However, that is great as we get to see things ironed out as it were smile.

Apple Vision Pro - Technical Specifications - Apple

Review of the Vision Pro from Daring fire Ball

Just keep in mind that these are initial reviews with a bit of shiny new toy perspective for both positive and constructive feedback. So let’s see what happens in the next month or so.

SMH - Finally an Apple Product Worthwhile Talking About

Popped this review in here as it was an Aussie review, and SMH has not always been positive about Apple stuff.

Vision Pro Already Spotted in the Wild

Yep, some odd things.

Apple Documents Vision Pro Accessibility Features

Just a tip, you really really have to learn the gestures for the Vision Pro, gestures are completely different to iPhone usage but of course sharing same concepts.

Tim Cook Teases Apple AI Improvements Coming Later this Year at Recent Fin Quarter Update

Both hands with fingers crossed, about time Siri embraced the goodness of an LLM, keep tuned for WWDC 2024.

Hands on with Perplexity, and How AI Could Lose Google’s Grip on Search Engine Market

Yep: more folks using LLM’s rather than Google search.

In Other News

A note about the Braille Doodle delay, and

Upcoming updates to the Blind Shell Classic 2.

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