Talking Tech 5th December 2023

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05-12-2023 • 14 mins

Forza Motorsport Racing 2023

A chat with guest Michael Heart who has been playing the game for a while, and sounds great to play.,on%20a%20series%20of%20default

Using Head band Mounts for Smart Phones

The $16 or so simple fabric band that I used sort of worked with my iPhone 12 Pro as it was the lightest phone I had. Not sure if it really does work as I wanted, but still testing.

If interested, here is the Amazon link.

Video Chat from your Smart Phone

Just a reminder how useful this can be for folks to look around you through your camera.

Besides Be-My-Eyes, there is also FaceTime on iOS, Google Duo on Android etc.

A Reminder about the Vision Store

As we have been talking a bout, to guarantee delivery before Christmas it was Dec 1 for WA, and Dec 8 for the rest of australia.

However, remember that you can still drop in to any Vision Australia store and buy products.

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