Talking Tech 26th December 2023

Talking Tech - Vision Australia Radio

26-12-2023 • 15 mins

What is Computer Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In simple terms, it is making computers think like Humans.

Eg recognising speech, making decision, and recognising patterns etc.

General examples of Computer AI

Advanced Web Search Engines.

Recommendation systems.

Virtual assistance.

Speech recognition.

Automatic translation.

Automatic audio translation.

Automated speech synthesis.

Smart home.

Predictive maintenance.

Natural language processing.

Super play.

Content creation.

Image recognition.

Automated image generation.

Automated music composition.

Automated text summary.

Face detection.

Spell checking.

Word suggestions.

Weather prediction.

Cyber Security.

Medical diagnosis..

Health and well being.

Automated customer service.




Automatic Driving Assistance.

Self driving cars.

Autonomous Drones.


Examples Of Computer AI for Blind or Low Vision

Object recognition.

Distance from objecgts.

Indoor navigation.

Scene description.

Currency detection.

Colour detection.

Light detection.

People detection.

Hand writing recognition.

Optical Character recognition (OCR).

Word prediction..

Bar or QR code detection.

Voice control.

Examples of Handy AI Apps for Blind or Low Vision Folks

Assistive Tech

Seeing AI (various channels/Options).

Be-My-Eyes (Virtual Assistant feature).


Magnifier on iOS (door, People, text, and obstacle detection).

Chat GPT.



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