Talking Tech 16th January 2024

Talking Tech - Vision Australia Radio

16-01-2024 • 15 mins

Talking Tech for Jan 16 2024

Vision Pro Availability Announced by Apple

In the US only, pre-order Jan 19, and available Feb 2024.

Promo Video for the Vision Pro

Apple Quietly increased the Find My Limit from 16 to 32 as of iOS 16

Apple Releases Magic Keyboard Firmware Update to fix Bluetooth


CES 2024 Notable Accessibility Items

Hear See Mobility using Smart Cane and Software for indoor navigation

Glidance  Brings Glide - self driving type robotic Cane device to assist Blind Navigate

Glasses for the hard of hearing, the Blind, and the first In Ear Computer

Light House Tech - LTH01 Smart Glasses

OneCom’s Fintin V1 Keyboard for BLV

OneCourt Haptic Mini Field Lets BLV Follow Game

Orcam Hear Hands On

Head Tracking and Silent Speech

Whisp Brings Electronic Larynx Voice Box’s in to This Millennium

Audio Radar Helps Gamers with Hearing Loss

Other Interesting CES 2024 Tech

Clicks Brings a Physical Keyboard to the iPhone

This Ring Allows you to Whisper to Your Phone (because sometimes we have to use our inside Voice)

Voice Frequency Absorber

Shokz Shows off its OpenSwim Water Proof Bone Conduction Head Phones

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