Talking Tech 21st November 2023

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21-11-2023 • 14 mins

Lets Talk about JAWS, Zoomtext, and Fusion for a Change


JAWS screen reader, Zoomtext screen magnifier, and Fusion JAWS/Zoomtext running together.

Compatible with Windows 10, and Windows 11.

Around for over 25 years for JAWS, and Zoomtext. Fusion more recent..

Number one product used for Education and Employment for all 3 products..

JaWS Home edition and JAWS Professional.

A large variety of Braille displays supported by JAWS.

Many extra functions beyond usual functions of a screen reader for JAWS.

Screen curtain to blank screen for privacy when using JAWS.

Split audio to allow speech or media to be heard on either speaker or both for JaWS.

JAWS Tandem to support other JAWS users remotely.

Works with Citrix, and other remote terminal setups.

JAWS only is compatible with Arm Processors.

JAWS can be fully scripted (programmed) to support non standard programs or difficult to use screens..

Virtual cursor seems to be the main thing for folks to get their minds around when navigating the web for example.

Combine with such scripts as JSay,allows JAWS or Fusion to be used with Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Excellent variety of training material available.

Can run in demonstration mode whilst learning.

Compatible   with Arm processors.

Zoomtext sharing many common features of other screen magnifiers.

Zoomtext Magnifier, and Zoomtext Magnifier/Reader

Zoomtext handy app or doc reading mode for speech output (not a screen reading function).

Zoomtext can be used with two screens.

Various magnification type views to read screen.

Not compatible with Arm processors including Fusion (i.e. only JaWS will work).

Remember, at any time JAWS, Zoomtext or Fusion can be turned off to allow others to use the computer without this software running.

I always go with an I7 processor and 16GB of RAM.

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Training Materials

Podcasts (FSCast Official FreedomScientific Podcast)

Podcast (Training Podcast)

Downloads (can run as demo versions until registered)

Obtaining a License

Available from the Vision Australia Vision Store for Zoomtext, JaWS or Fusion. Plus updating from older versions or cross grading across licenses.



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