2 Nephi 1-2 Part 1 • Dr. Lili Anderson • Feb 5 - Feb 11 • Come Follow Me

followHIM: A Come, Follow Me Podcast

31-01-2024 • 1 hr 4 mins

What would be included in your Last Lecture? Dr. Lili De Hoyos Anderson addresses Lehi’s final lessons for his family and the importance of building Zion, awakening from spiritual slumber and strengthening one another in relationships.

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  • 00:00 Part 1–Dr. Lili De Hoyos Anderson
  • 00:30 Teaser to the episode
  • 01:21 Dr. Anderson shares overview of today’s podcast
  • 03:01 Bio of Dr. Anderson
  • 05:54 Zion and the Gathering of Israel
  • 09:04 A land consecrated
  • 10:57 The Bible and Jesus Christ
  • 12:41 Unique characteristics of North America
  • 16:33 Freedom and rights and the Restoration
  • 19:14 Lehi exhorts his children to wake up
  • 21:17 Covering sins
  • 25:40 Fearing other’s perceptions
  • 29:19 Divine discontent
  • 32:12 Hank shares a story of General Conference experience
  • 34:30 To cover
  • 37:45 Tips for teaching younger audiences
  • 38:15 Providing for families, men, and boys
  • 32:14 Inspiration and adaptability
  • 44:06 Trusting God and service in marriage
  • 49:57 The importance of the ideal and adapting when we don’t meet it
  • 54:55 A lesson from elephants
  • 57:30 President Russell M. Nelson urges us to awake
  • 59:06 Spouses building one another
  • 1:04:52 End of Part 1–Dr. Lili De Hoyos Anderson

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"Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise" by Marshall McDonald