1 Nephi 16-22 Part 1 • Dr. Tyler J. Griffin • Jan 29 - Feb 4 • Come Follow Me

followHIM: A Come, Follow Me Podcast

24-01-2024 • 1 hr 10 mins

Why does the Lord lead us into unfamiliar wildernesses? Tyler Griffin examines God's nourishing and strengthening power and how revelation and strength come gradually.

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00:00 Part 1–Dr. Tyler Griffin
00:18 Review of last week’s episode
00:43 Preview of 1 Nephi 18-22
02:16 Bio of Dr. Tyler Griffin
03:20 The Lord is with us
07:03 Marriages occur and blessings follow
08:08 Marriage provides strength
10:26 The group continues to travel
11:30 The Liahona
14:55 Trusting the Lord
17:15 Miracles and challenges
20:48 Reminders of discipleship
22:11 Nephi takes ownership of the broken bow
25:42 Trusting God and taking steps
28:21 God works with wooden bows and a single arrow
32:33 Finding God amidst affliction
36:13 God requires action
39:17 Transactional relationships vs covenantal relationships
41:42 Two reactions to one set of trials
44:31 Staying positive in trials
47:50 Shouldering heavy burdens
49:32 President Emily Freeman and building a relationship with Christ
51:33 Moroni began to look forward
53:53 Nahum and Joseph Smith
58:50 Shipbuilding and the Lord has more in store
1:00:25 Taking steps without knowing the entire path
1:06:05 The Lord reveals in steps
1:09:57 End of Part 1–Dr. Tyler Griffin

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"Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise" by Marshall McDonald

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