Secrets of Rockstar CFOs

Jack McCullough

The role of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) has evolved from back-office support to strategic leader. It takes more than financial skills to master the responsibilities of this position successfully. Above all else, financial leaders need to know how to effectively plan for and execute in the face of the challenges and uncertainty inherent in their chosen industry. This begs the question, "What does it take to really excel in the role of chief financial officer?"

Whether you are a seasoned CFO or just starting out in the field, you will find something useful in this podcast. Welcome to Secrets of Rockstar CFOs, a practical and actionable resource for Chief Financial Officers seeking to advance their careers. This is your friendly and helpful guide to master the challenges and opportunities of financial leadership.

This podcast features the most successful CFOs in the world, from Silicon Valley startups to Fortune 50 multinationals. The host of this podcast, Jack McCullough, is the author of “Secrets of Rockstar CFOs,”

widely considered to be the definitive guide to the art of financial leadership.

Here you can find the resources you need to advance your CFO career or launch it for the first time. Inspiring interviews with prominent CFOs and other thought leaders are featured in each episode. Get educated by the best in the business, companies like 3M, AstraZeneca and Zoetis.

Listen in as these remarkable leaders discuss their career paths, the obstacles they have overcome, and the secrets they leveraged to achieve success. Get inspired to take your own strategic path to the next level by learning from the successes of these A-list CFOs. Master this field thoroughly to change the course of your career in a significant way. Explore new avenues you would never have considered before.

Not only does Jack have fantastic guests who offer invaluable advice, but he also brings his own unique brand of insight, energy, and humor to the show. He established a worldwide network for mentoring and developing chief financial officers as president and founder of the CFO Leadership Council. To prepare the next generation of CFOs, Jack and his team utilize cutting-edge professional development programs and unrivaled peer networking.

Combining his vast knowledge and experience with his lighthearted approach to interviews, Jack is the perfect person to serve as the show’s host. Before he founded the CFO Leadership Council, he served as chief financial officer for more than 25 different organizations. You can trust that he will steer the podcast in the same direction that he led CFO Leadership Council to become a leading organization in strategic and financial leadership.

Learning from elite financial leaders is the surest path to a successful career. This top-notch podcast was produced with that aim in mind. Whether you are already a CFO looking to improve your performance or aspire to be one and need some direction to get started, you have come to the right place.

Become the strategic leader you have always imagined by joining Jack and his guests in these lively and entertaining conversations full of empowering advice, encouraging lessons, and easy-to-emulate tactics. Use your exceptional abilities, intellectual curiosity, and unwavering focus to take over your field. Now is the time to take your professional life to a new and more satisfying level.

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