The Financial Aspect of Building a Sustainable Business with Jack Hartung, CFO of Chipotle

Secrets of Rockstar CFOs

08-12-2023 • 48 mins

In business, there’s only one thing that’s more important than success –sustainable success. If you have a sustainable business model, you get to weather any storm that gets thrown in your way and even thrive in spite of it. That has been the path that iconic food brand Chipotle took and its rockstar CFO, Jack Hartung, played a key part in making that happen. Jack is one of the longest tenured CFOs in the US, having served around four decades in the role, ten times the average tenure of most CFOs. In this episode, he tells us what it’s like to handle the financial aspect of one of the world’s most iconic food service brands and how creating a solid balance sheet is crucial to creating sustainable success for your business. Tune in and learn from one of the best in the business!