Generative AI and the CFO: Staying on the Cutting Edge of Technology with Glenn Hopper

Secrets of Rockstar CFOs

23-01-2024 • 51 mins

The advent of technology paves the path for businesses to deliver cutting-edge services or products. Joining Jack McCullough today is Glenn Hopper to reveal his secret about how CFOs remain the leading edge in the business. He is a CFO at Eventus Advisory Group and the author of Deep-Finance: Corporate Finance In The Information Age. In this episode, as a guru on Gen AI, Glenn shares his insights on the importance of understanding generative AI and how it helps produce better results. He also addresses data privacy and data security. Not only does he provide a wealth of insights in this episode, but Glenn also offers new possibilities in positioning yourself as the vanguard towards success. So, tune in to this episode with Jack and Glenn today!

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