Rewriting the CFO Playbook: A Tale of Financial Leadership and Cinematic Creativity with Shannon Nash

Secrets of Rockstar CFOs

11-09-2023 • 44 mins

When we combine financial acumen with storytelling prowess, we discover that innovation knows no boundaries. In this episode, we sit down with Shannon Nash, CFO of Wing, to hear her remarkable journey from the world of finance to the silver screen. Shannon opens up about her career trajectory, starting as a tax accountant and rising to the helm of Alphabet's cutting-edge subsidiary, Wing. She reveals the innovative culture at Wing, where autonomous drone technology is redefining the concept of delivery. As a CFO, Shannon is surely not only crunching numbers but also inspiring and supporting those around her. But that's not all—Shannon's journey transcends the corporate world as she shares her passion project as a filmmaker. She reveals how her own life experiences, including raising an autistic child, ignited her desire to bring impactful stories to the screen. Get ready for an episode that celebrates determination, resilience, and the power of making a difference. Tune in now!

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