The Modern CFO: Financial Leadership and the Path to Success with Mala Murthy

Secrets of Rockstar CFOs

23-10-2023 • 53 mins

Being a successful CFO means declaring your ambitions boldly, embracing failure fearlessly, and balancing life's fine tune of work and family. In this episode, we sit with Mala Murthy, CFO of Teladoc Health, to discuss the evolving role of a CFO in the erratic business world. She shares her journey from her humble beginnings to reaching the pinnacle of the corporate world, dissecting what it means to be a CFO. Mala also shares a glimpse into her personal life as a working parent, finding the delicate balance between career and family. She admits the difficulty of finding the balance, but that with having the right priorities in place, both personal and professional lives can flourish in harmony. Tune in now and discover what it takes to become a dynamic and versatile leader.

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