S2E7: Coffee with Gabi! Do You Believe That You Actually Matter?

Pain to Passion Live

09-06-2023 • 10 mins

If you're anything like me, you have struggled throughout your life to believe that you actually matter as much as anyone else.

Personally, I was raised in a conservative Christian environment with messages like "always put others before yourself" and "what you want doesn't matter" and "always give to others." Don't get me wrong - I absolutely believe in serving others, in being generous and giving, and not living selfishly. But so often, these "Christian" teachings (I say that in quotes because I do NOT think they reflect Jesus) become harmful because we don't value ourselves and can get to the point where we will do anything that anyone else wants or needs, even if it actually hurts us.

It's been a process for me to deconstruct this, and maybe it's been the same for you. In this brief and vulnerable episode, I share a bit about the revelations I've been having about this in the past few weeks. It's been revolutionizing my world, and I thought you all may benefit from these thoughts, too.

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