S2E8: Do You Love Yourself? - Lori McAfee

Pain to Passion Live

13-06-2023 • 38 mins

When's the last time you thought about whether or not you actually love yourself?

On today's episode of Pain to Passion Live, I am so honored to share a conversation with my beautiful friend, Lori McAfee, who is a QUEEN at helping others understand what it means to truly love themselves.

I am so grateful for Lori's willingness to share her own story of learning to love herself - a story that includes an unexpected teen pregnancy, the grief of her church community asking her to leave, and of understanding that love is a vulnerable thing - that is so so worth it.

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions: Is it right to love myself? Is it safe to be seen? Do I know and appreciate who I truly am? Do I believe I have intrinsic value? If I don't fully love myself, am I still able to fully love others?

If you have, this episode is for you. You will be SO blessed and encouraged, my friend!!

And remember - you are LOVED.

More about Lori:

Lori McAfee is a sought-after life coach, speaker, and podcast host of “Get Your Rear in Gear with Lori.”

Lori is a professional certified life coach, an emotional intelligence practitioner and a behavioral consultant with DiSC assessment with marriage certifications.

As one that believes life is a choice, she learned the hard truth of losing oneself and what it means to get your rear into gear to get to know and love who she truly is.

Lori is a wife to the love of her life, a mother, and Mimi to an all-girl gang. She is a lover of sunsets over a lake, the echoes of laughter, and the tender warmth of love, and she is an unapologetic disciple of Jesus.

Connect with Lori:

Website - lorimcafeecoaching.com

Instagram - @lorimclifecoach

Facebook - facebook.com/lori.r.mcafee

Podcast - Get Your Rear in Gear with Lori - coming soon!

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