Mad-keen sports fans find their dream careers

Breaking Barriers

23-10-2021 • 37 mins

In this episode of Breaking Barriers, host Natalie Jones finds out how a Melbourne football club’s social impact programs are creating life changing results for young sports enthusiasts looking for work. From a young man with disability receiving a job opportunity within the Club, to another man building valuable work skills to achieve his career goals in the sports industry - it seems sport and employability training are a great match.

Our first guest today is Josh Marshall, a passionate cricket fan from Tasmania, who moved to Melbourne to pursue his dream job in sports administration. Blake Henderson is our second guest, a soccer fan this time, whose determination to be involved in the sport remained strong through devastating life events. How has Melbourne City Football Club assisted these young men on their journeys?

• We meet Josh Marshall, find out where his passion for sport comes from, and learn about his journey to university. 1.00-4.23

• The connection between Matchworks and Melbourne City Football Club is explained, and we see how they assisted Josh. 4.23-8.26

• Melbourne City Football Club’s origins are explored and their social impact programs explained. 8.26-13.13

• We meet Blake Henderson, and find out what dramatic events led him to pursuing a career at the club. 13.28-17.36

• Blake’s journey from volunteer to employee at Melbourne City Football Club is covered, and we hear some entertaining stories from his time there. 17.36-31.07

• Back to Josh’s story, and we learn how he landed his dream job and where that has taken him. 31.16-37.15

‘Things like learning about the various job skills and the things that employers are looking for, and things like cover letters and resumes. I think that was all really really helpful information and then, as well as being able to get out and do some sport in that program as well. I think it was a really good combination of things to make it a really holistic program.’

‘If you look at the opportunity for someone like Blakey, who may have found it tough to get work going through the normal channels for a lot of organisations out there. What you get when you employ someone like Blakey, is some of the most unbridled enthusiasm, the best, most positive outlook, who's willing to do absolutely anything and will say yes to anything.’

‘Now to actually be able to fulfill a passion, of working in community sport, and sort of working with our community associations now to run cricket competitions and try and better cricket, the sport that I love so much, it's just an awesome feeling.’