Controlling Your Own Media Experience - with Denny Darmo - McKinney Momentum

McKinney Momentum

14-09-2023 • 29 mins

Join our SVP Michael Talley in our MEDC studio today as he interviews Denny Darmo and talk about his company, Snipitz, his entrepreneurship start, the vision for his company, rethinking how we consume media, and of course, the impact of the Innovation Fund.

Snipitz Founder, Visionary and CEO, Denny Darmo’s professional career began on Wall Street in 1994, soon transitioning into investment banking structuring early stage finance deals for technology companies including investments via SPVs in Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Denny is revolutionizing global fan's content consumption experience with Snipitz’s proprietary and patented AI technology, delivering hyper-personalized predictive programming to global fans on an individual level.

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