McKinney Momentum: Episode 3 w/ Dru Riess & Madison Clark

McKinney Momentum

11-04-2023 • 34 mins

Entrepreneur Dru Riess joins Madison Clark this week to talk all things McKinney, and share about his new venture in McKinney called ILS Gummies.


About Innovative Life Sciences

ILS Gummies is a new company, formerly TMM Gummies. TMM Gummies was acquired by private-equity firm, Rosewood Private Investments in early 2022. Rosewood PI is the private equity arm of the Rosewood Corporation which is wholly owned by the Caroline Hunt Trust Estate. Rosewood brought in Dru Riess to take over and transform the company. Dru was founder and CEO of PPC Flexible Packaging (formerly Popular Ink) based in McKinney for 13 years. Dru encouraged Rosewood to bring ILS Gummies to McKinney, where he knew it would have great success.
ILS Gummies will manufacture nutraceutical gummies (multi vitamins, elderberry, sleep formulas, beauty and collagen gummies, hair loss, brain and cognitive nutrition gummies, electrolyte, and sport gummies, k2/d3, mineral based vitamin gummies, etc.).