The Mom Who Manipulated: Rebekah: Women of the Old Testament Bible Study

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16-04-2024 • 23 mins

537: Spring Bible Study: Rebekah- The Mom Who Manipulated SPRING BIBLE STUDY: WOMEN OF THE OLD TESTAMENT: Rebekah Rebecca's story in the Old Testament starts off with good intentions, but we learn how she soon gets off track. She falls into deception and manipulation and later has to deal with the consequences. So many of us can see ourselves in her story, but we can be thankful for a God who remains faithful throughout it all. Episode Resources: To Sponsor a Child through Compassion International: Or Text HEARINGJESUS to 83393 For ad-free content, family discussion guides, journaling worksheets, bonus content, and our private discussion forum, please visit our Patreon page: Coaching/Spiritual Direction: Learn: Shop: Bible, Bible Study, Devotions, Devotional, Daily Devotional, Prayer, Jesus, God, Holy Spirit, Spiritual Growth, Rebecca, Old Testament, obedience, deception, manipulation, consequences, faithfulness, trust, God's plan Learn more about your ad choices. Visit