The Struggles and Joys of Adult Friendships Part 1

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04-04-2024 • 27 mins

529: The Struggles and Joys of Adult Friendships Part 1 In this conversation, Rachael and her good friend Season Bowers discuss the importance of friendship and how to honor God in our relationships. They share their personal experiences of longing for community and the challenges of making new friends as adults. They emphasize the need for vulnerability and putting oneself out there to meet new people. They also discuss the importance of being authentic and true to oneself in friendships, as well as weighing the opinions of others. They touch on the topic of outgrowing friendships and the possibility of ending friendships when necessary. They also acknowledge the grief that can come with the loss of a friendship. Listen to more from Season here: The Joy Bringer Podcast Episode Resources: To Sponsor a Child through Compassion International: Or Text HEARINGJESUS to 83393 For ad-free content, family discussion guides, journaling worksheets, bonus content, and our private discussion forum, please visit our Patreon page: Coaching/Spiritual Direction: Learn: Shop: Bible, Bible Study, Devotions, Devotional, Daily Devotional, Prayer, Jesus, God, Holy Spirit, Spiritual Growth Learn more about your ad choices. Visit