Mary Magdalene Day 5: Women of the Resurrection

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29-03-2024 • 17 mins

524: EASTER BIBLE STUDY: Women of the Resurrection: Mary Magdalene 5 Today’s conversation explores the theme of women's role in the resurrection story and their responsibility to share the message of Jesus. Rachael shares her personal journey of doubting God's voice and feeling insecure in her relationship with Him. The significance of Jesus revealing himself to women is highlighted, emphasizing the importance of women in spreading the news of the resurrection. The conversation concludes with a prayer for women to rise up and declare the message of the hope of the gospel.  The first person that Jesus revealed Himself to after the Resurrection was a woman. And the first person that Jesus sent to share the message of the Resurrection with others was a woman. If Jesus calls and equips women to serve Him: No. Other. Opinion. Matters.  This audio devotional is a companion to the She Hears Bible Study, today’s content is from Chapter 6- Mary Magdalene Purchase the Bible Study- She Hears: Learning to Listen to Jesus: In this six-week study from the Book of John, Rachael Groll takes you on an in-depth exploration into the lives of six women Jesus knew. Women often deal with feelings of insecurity and unworthiness, yet the lives of these women show that Jesus values us, wants a relationship with us, and can use us to further His kingdom. In her warm, conversational style, Rachael ties together her life experience, knowledge of the Scriptures, and her compassion for women to encourage us and enable us to become the women God has called us to be. Episode Resources: To Sponsor a Child through Compassion International: Or Text HEARINGJESUS to 83393 For ad-free content, family discussion guides, journaling worksheets, bonus content, and our private discussion forum, please visit our Patreon page: Coaching/Spiritual Direction: Learn: Shop: Bible, Bible Study, Devotions, Devotional, Daily Devotional, Prayer, Jesus, God, Holy Spirit, Spiritual Growth Learn more about your ad choices. Visit