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Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

Best Indie & Alternative of 2019

Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

Indie and alternative favourites from 2019.


1Hey, Ma2Not3People4It Might Be Time5Dylan Thomas6The Barrel7Seventeen8cellophane9New Love Cassette10Now I'm In It11Bags12Hurry On Home13Barefoot In The Park [feat. ROSALÍA]14Everyday15Capacity16Rylan17OMG Rock n Roll18Harmony Hall19Will We Talk?20basking in the glow21Darkness And Cold22Don't Know How To Keep Loving You23Pluto Projector24Love Is Everywhere (Beware)25Alien With a Sleep Mask On26No Bullets Spent27Without A Blush28Gretel29Miami Memory30Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself31Door32Giving Up33Nobody34Tricks35Tokyo3674737Our Quiet Whisper38Boys In the Better Land39History Of Boys40I Never Cried So Much In My Whole Life (feat. Darren Hayes)41You and I42Superbike43Alexandra44Me & You45Red Bull & Hennessy46Alibi47Teach Me About Dying48Shoot To Forget49Dawn Chorus50As Alone51Another Day52James Bond53Glorious54money machine55Air BnB56Round and Round57UFOF58Walking on a String (Alt Version)59Ruby60Phase61Love Yourself62Déjà vu63Old Bone64Bukhansan65As Loving Should66Real Thing67Trip the Mains68Don't Get Me Started69Holograms70Brasil71Follow Suit72I Missed Out73To the Ground74Cathedral75In Good Faith