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Australian Classical

Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

The finest Australian classical music composers.


1Kerry: String Quartet No. 5 - I. Bright Summer2Greenbaum: 90 Minutes Circling The Earth3Nock: Morning Reverie4Holland: Piano Trio - I. Allegro non troppo (Live)5O'Boyle: Concerto For Didgeridoo - 1. Earth6Benjamin: Sonatina for Violin and Piano - 2. Scherzo (In stile antico: Presto)7Panda8Smetanin: Minimalism Isn't Dead ... It Just Smells Funny9Glynn: Four Episodes for Solo Piano - Episode 310Grandage: Richie – In Memoriam11Barton: Birdsong At Dusk12Carmichael: Latin American Suite - 2. Obsession (Habanera)13Yu: Scintillation II14Ford: Birthday Of My Life15Stanhope: Three Lorca Songs - II. Madrigals16Bakrnčev: Klezmer Dances17Kats-Chernin: Sunshine Journal - 3. Moderato18Misra Chappu19Whitwell: Road Trip20Dreyfus: Rush21Krips: Blue Mountains22Edwards: Yanada23Sculthorpe: Little Suite - 3. Left Bank Waltz24Grandage: Black Dogs - Postlude25Adams: Sydney Dreaming26Houghton: Wave Radiance27Greenbaum: Rushall Express28Westlake: Ocean Sunfish29Sculthorpe: Sun Song30Sculthorpe: String Quartet No. 18 - II. A Land Singing31Dhugawara A Underscore32Whitwell: To Your Shore33Butterley: Goldengrove - 3. Chaconne34Skipworth: Echoes and Lines - 1. Mysteriously35Schultz: Symphony No. 3 ‘Century’, Op. 91 - III. Create36Tognetti: On High37Edwards: Animisms - II. Serenade38Mills: String Quartet No. 4 ‘Glimpses from My Book of Dada’ - V. Scheming And Latte Drinking39Rigney: Two Swings In The Heart Shaped Garden40Williams: Ferry Me Across The Water